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Welcome to the Salt Cellar! Shop our selection of gourmet finishing salts, rejuvenating bath and spa products, and conversation-starting Himalayan home and kitchen items. From our flavorful sea salts that pair perfectly with a range of dishes, to our mineral-rich Dead Sea soap and hand cream, we take pride in bringing you premium, uniquely curated salt collections. Plus - our salts are made from evaporated seawater which means they don't contain anti-caking agents or any other chemicals like common table salt does!


The Portsmouth Salt Cellar is our flagship location. Located downtown in historic Commercial Alley, it has won acclaim from media throughout the state. Just open the door, walk on down to our ‘cellar’ and see a store where everything is about salt. Here you can sample just about anything we sell and get firsthand information from our knowledgeable staff. When you are in Portsmouth come see what New Hampshire Chronicle TV called “A store like no other in the world.”


Serving food on Himalayan Salt tableware, lighting your home with Himalayan Salt Lamps, and using Himalayan salt hearts are all great ways to incorporate the healthy benefits of salt into your daily life. To ensure maximum life and satisfaction with your Himalayan Salt products, keep reading.

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