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Melt Away Tension 

Self-care, meet complete convenience. At home or on the go, this bundle will melt away your loved one's tension and leave them feeling their very best. Give the gift of chemical-free TLC - exfoliated skin, smoother hands, and a cleaner self.

What's included?

Coconut-Vanilla Salt Scrub, Dead Sea Hand Cream, Deodorant Heart.

Coconut-Vanilla Salt Scrub
Salt Cellar Spa Renewing Coconut Vanilla Salt Scrub combines Dead Sea minerals with natural aromatic oils to make your Valentine feel they've been transported to a tropical beach. Gentle and reviving the scrub exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, encourages circulation, and rejuvenates skin.

Dead Sea Hand Cream
Enriched with natural minerals from the Dead Sea, our rich hand cream protects, soothes, and softens your loved one's skin. Fast-absorbing and ideally-sized for travel, this product is a popular must-have.

Deodorant Salt Heart
Made of 100% Himalayan salt, our Himalayan Salt Heart is both beautiful and clever. Ideal for all-natural, chemical-free deodorant, our Himalayan Salt Heart can be used after showering to prevent bacteria and underarm odor. Its antimicrobial properties also make it perfect for quick, water-free hand sanitizing.

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