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Our selection of salt scrubs, hand cream, bath and spa salts, and Dead Sea spa products are infused with Dead Sea salts to nourish and heal your skin. The Dead Sea is naturally rich in minerals that help relieve symptoms of psoriasis, acne, itching, rashes, eczema and other skin conditions. Our products are ideal for people with sensitive, dry skin that need their skin to be moisturized, soothed, and exfoliated. Our bath products have the power to de-stress and relax you so you’re ready to take on the world!
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Salt Scrub + Body Butter Combo
Build Your Own Bundle
Build Your Own Bundle
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Hand Cream - Dead Sea Hand Cream
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Salt Scrub - Coconut Vanilla Salt Scrub
Salt Scrub - Lemongrass Salt Scrub
Salt Scrub - Kiwi Mango Salt Scrub
Salt Scrub - Lavender Salt Scrub
Salt Scrub - Peach & Honey Salt Scrub
Body Butter - Kiwi Body Butter
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Body Butter - Lemon Body Butter
Body Butter - Mango Body Butter
Body Butter - Vanilla Body Butter
Kiwi Body Butter - Mini
Lemon Body Butter - Mini
Mango Body Butter - Mini
Vanilla Body Butter - Mini
Bath Soak - Dead Sea Bath Soak
Bath Soak - Himalayan Detox Bath Soak
Bath Soak - Lemon Bath Soak
Bath Soak - Lavender Bath Soak
Deodorant - Himalayan Salt Heart
Salt Cellar Himalayan Salt Deodorant Egg
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Black Mud Mask
Facial Cleanser - Mild Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
Shampoo - Black Mud Shampoo
Dead Sea Soap
Black Mud Soap
Seaweed Soap
Sulphur Soap
52 results