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Himalayan Salt Heart

$ 15.00

100% Himalayan (Deodorant) Salt Heart

Give a gift to someone you love, or gift yourself, with a Himalayan Salt Heart. Made of 100% Himalayan salt, this Heart is beautiful, unique, and clever. Ideal for an all-natural, chemical-free deodorant, our Himalayan Salt Heart can be used after showering to prevent bacteria and underarm odor. It's antimicrobial properties also make it perfect for quick, water-free hand





















































































. Our Salt Heart makes a perfect gift or addition to your home or office decor. Himalayan Salt Heart Usage Tips:

  • Dry off after using as deodorant
  • Avoid using any detergents or cleansers on the heart
  • Read more about our Himalayan Salt Hearts here on the Salt Cellar blog
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