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Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses: 2 for $29.50

$ 29.00

Elevate your party experience with our Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, hand-carved from 100% authentic Himalayan sea salt. These unique shot glasses are more than just drinkware; they're conversation starters and party essentials. Add a dash of excitement to your gatherings with the finely veined, translucent beauty of rose quartz. Crafted from food-grade Pink Himalayan salt, no two glasses are alike.

Naturally anti-bacterial, these glasses ensure worry-free partying year after year. They're versatile too; use them for creative concoctions like Bloody Mary shooters or to serve individual-sized appetizers. The salt subtly seasons your drinks and dishes, enhancing every flavor. For chilled Tequila shots, store your glasses in the freezer. Enjoy unforgettable moments with our Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, the perfect party companions.

Size: 8 oz / 3" tall

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