Find specialty gourmet gifts that will be enjoyed and remembered by your friends, family and colleagues.

Finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task for anyone. Our wide selection of gourmet salts offer a simple and practical solution for virtually any occasion. Your hostess will appreciate three unique salts of your choosing that will enhance every dish on her table.

For a housewarming present that will be fondly remembered with each home meal, our Pick-Six Gift Box is the answer. Pick any six Salt Cellar salts and we’ll place them in beautiful cedar and maple wood box. No new home should be without salt!.

Probably the most unique and captivating salt in the world is pink Himalayan crystal salt.

We import this salt from the mountains of Pakistan and cut, shape and transform it for dozens of creative uses. We select only the finest quality food grade Himalayan salt for our serving tiles, cutting boards, flavoring cubes, tequila shot glasses and salt swizzlers.

Finding great gifts for important company clients is particularly challenging. Meeting both company and Federal regulatory guidelines makes the task even tougher. A unique solution is the Salt Cellar ‘Pick-Six’ Gift Box. Your clients will appreciate doing business with you even more when they receive six Salt Cellar favorites. With our Company Salt Registry we can ensure that every year your clients will receive unduplicated salts for their collection. If you want we can even brand your company logo right on the box! (Additional charge applies).

Looking for a memorable wedding favor for your wedding or event guests that won’t break the budget?

How about a tasty Salt Cellar salt as a parting treat!

We can even gift wrap each salt with a little bamboo spoon. Custom labels are also available to memorialize the big day (starting at $8 per person).

Inquire here if you’re interested in this option.