Serve food in our Himalayan salt bowls and blocks, or purify the air with our beautiful pink salt lamps

Himalayan salt is mined in Pakistan from the Khewra Salt Mines, the second largest salt mine in the world. The salt is 96% sodium chloride, and has a pink color, due to other trace mineral elements within it- Especially iron-oxide. Of the earth’s 93 natural minerals, trace amounts of 84 have been found in this salt.

It’s mined as huge pink crystals and can be made into colorful lamps that emit negative ions, tableware that adds flavor to food, building décor materials that accent any space, and can be added to food. Simply put, Himalayan salt is the most useful and fascinating salt in the world!

We inspect and hand-select each Himalayan salt block for color and quality. At our Salt Mill workshop, located in Greenland, New Hampshire, our production team cuts and grinds the salt into the useful shapes we sell online and in our stores. Each and every Himalayan product we sell has been inspected for defects and is guaranteed for quality.

Our Himalayan salt blocks & salt lamps are available for purchase in our online store.

Note: Cooking on Himalayan salt blocks has become very popular. While heating a Himalayan salt block to food-searing temperatures is possible, we do not recommend this application for a few reasons:

First, heating a block to high temperatures stresses the block and causes cracking and possible breakage.

Second, on rare occasions a Himalayan salt block can literally explode if gas or water is trapped somewhere within the block. It’s impossible to test for this.

Lastly, once a block is heated it loses its clarity and utility for salting and serving. The Salt Cellar does not warranty Himalayan blocks against breakage for cooking applications.

You can view and purchase from our Himalayan products here: Himalayan Products