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3 Amigos Cinco de Mayo Trio

$ 24.50 $ 28.50

Introducing the "3 Amigos" Food Salt Bundle, your ultimate trio for flavor exploration, just in time for Cinco de Mayo celebrations and beyond! Perfect for rimming margaritas or spicing up tacos, each salt comes with a bamboo spoon for easy serving.

  1. Jalapeño Pepper Sea Salt: Hang on tight for a spicy kick! Made with real jalapeño peppers and all-natural sea salt, it's perfect for Mexican dishes or as a drink rimmer. 1.5 oz.

  2. Habanero Hot Sea Salt: Get ready for a fiery punch! Crafted with high-quality habaneros, this salt pairs perfectly with grilled meat or Mexican-style dishes. 1.5 oz.

  3. Lime Citrus Sea Salt: Refreshing and tart, this salt adds a burst of flavor to desserts, cocktails, seafood, and more. Try it on avocado toast or in guacamole for a zesty twist! 1.5 oz.

Bring the heat and zest to your culinary creations with the "3 Amigos" Salt Trio!


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