How to Use Fleur de Sel Finishing Salt

Fleur de Sel is a classic French salt from the salt pans of Guerande, in western France. Learn about this unique salt and how to use it for a Mother’s Day breakfast that will bring a bit of Paris to your favorite mother’s special day.

Crystallized Paris

A quote from a Salt Cellar customer says it all: “This salt is your ticket to Paris if you've never been and a welcome reminder if you have. Rich and pure salt flavor, I add it to butter prior to serving with a baguette. Gives any dish a Parisian flare”.


Literally translated as "flower of salt," Fleur de Sel is France’s best hand-harvested salt. Sea water is drawn into marsh basins or salt pans. Salt is left behind on the bottom of the pans when the water evaporates, but some of the salt crystals float to the surface of the water as it begins to evaporate, and forms a crust of crystals. The crystals look like flower pedals, and thus the sweet name. Since the crystals are delicate, they must be harvested by hand, using a wooden rake. The weather must be just right, sunny, dry and with slow, steady winds. All of these conditions make this a hand-crafted salt which can only be produced in small quantities.

Unique Texture

This classic, slightly moist salt will resist dissolving and renders a clean, crisp salty flavor to virtually any cuisine. It is best for sprinkling over your finished dish just before serving. Use it on salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Since this is a slightly wet salt, it is used only for finishing, and not for cooking.

Use a Salt Cellar for European Flair

Because it is slightly wet, this salt does not work well in a shaker. Instead, it can be served with a small wooden spoon directly from the jar, or for a more sophisticated style, try using a salt cellar. Salt cellars were used as far back as early Roman times. They continued to be used throughout Europe until about the middle of the 20th century, but usage began to decline when free-flowing table salt was introduced in 1911, and the salt shaker we know today took its place. On a recent trip to Hungary, Salt Cellar owners Don and Judit Tydeman visited a glass blowing factory. They were so impressed, they had custom swan and water lily salt cellars created. This is the perfect way to present your Fleur de Sel on any occasion.

Easy Parisian-style Breakfast

Steam or grill asparagus. Cook eggs as desired. Spread a layer of hummus on your serving plate. Add asparagus and eggs. Sprinkle with Fleur de Sel finishing salt. Serve with french rolls and butter sprinkled with Flour de Sel.

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