Make The Perfect Coffee by Adding Salt

The Secret Ingredient for Perfect Coffee: SALT?

This article is by Tucker Cummings at Yahoo Voices

Coffee is known as "the best part of waking up", and the best after-dinner drink to pair with a decadent chocolate dessert. But for many, coffee has a dark side. In many cases, the culprit is the acid level of the coffee. Acidity is defined as the characteristic of coffee that gives it a tart or bright taste. Generally, dark roasted beans have less acidity. The amount of acidity in a coffee bean can also be influenced by growing conditions. For example, Low-acid coffees are a growing segment of the coffee market. But what's a discerning gourmet to do when they crave their favorite coffee, but literally can't stomach the acidity? The answer may surprise you: just add a single spoonful of salt. Used at a number of high end restaurants, "salted coffee" is perhaps best known from the menu at Salt in SoHo. You don't need to add a lot of salt to each cup, just a small spoonful or even less will do. Salted coffee has also enjoyed a brief period in vogue among discerning coffee addicts in Asia. Last year, a Thai coffee chain made headlines in the US media when it began serving a salted specialty coffee. The coffee, sold by chain "85°C", consists of a sweetened iced coffee, topped with a layer of creamy, salted foam.So the next time you're feeling adventurous, why not skip the sugar and try some salt in your coffee instead? It'll be easier on your stomach, but keep in mind that if you have hypertension, you probably want to avoid the added salt in your diet. So what kind of salt should you put in your coffee? Well, we recommend something that will complement your favorite morning beverage- for anyone looking for an extra-strong, dark flavor, try our Espresso Salt. If you're looking to lighten up your coffee's strong flavor with something a little more subtle, grab a jar of our Trapani Salt or Peruvian Pink Salt.
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