Himalayan Salt Water Sole Solution and Why You Should Use It.

There are many health trends of dubious efficacy out there, but Sole (sol-ay) solution isn’t one of them. We checked the science and separated fact from fiction, and if you’ve been holding out on this emerging healthy habit, give it a try.

What is Sole Solution?

Sole solution is a salt water solution made from water saturated with naturally occurring, unprocessed Himalayan food grade salt. You see the rocks of Himalayan salt in there. The idea of this solution is to take a little bit every day, like a supplement, on an empty stomach.

The Health Benefits

Electrolyte Balance

Electrolytes are substances that ionize, or take on a charge, when put into a solution, and they are absolutely necessary for bodily function. Table salt breaks down into two electrolytes. Sodium (Na) and Chloride (Cl) disassociate, and become Sodium ions (Na+) and Chloride ions (CL-). These things are good for you. Sodium is by far the most important, being the primary electrolyte in the extracellular fluid. Sodium regulates the amount of water in cells, among other things, and is regulated by a variety of hormones that ensure that the osmotic gradient remains optimal. Too much water in cells is a bad thing, as is too little. These ions help cells regulate the amount of water by passing through ion channels in the cells to either bring water into or force water out of a cell, a process called osmosis. Proper electrolyte balance is necessary for nerve and muscle function, and regular blood pressure. If things get imbalanced, either with too many electrolytes or too few, you may experience anything from weakness to, well, death. You can get plenty of sodium from table salt, so why Himalayan? Well, table salt doesn’t have the good trace minerals that Himalayan salt does, specifically potassium and calcium, the two other most important electrolytes. These are the three electrolytes that facilitate muscle contraction. Without a proper balance of them, you’ll feel weak or cramp up. Your body burns through electrolytes just like water. A lot of people confuse the symptoms of electrolyte deficiency with dehydration, and further exacerbate the problem by overhydrating when what they really need is to increase their intake of electrolytes. If you lead an active lifestyle, Sole solution is a great, easy to digest way to help you keep a balance of healthy electrolytes.


Himalayan salt is rich in minerals because it has never been processed. In fact, sodium chloride (NaCl) only makes up about 97% of the crystal. That other 3% reperesents many healthy and difficult-to-consume-enough-of minerals like iron, sulphate, magnesium, chloride, and iodine, among others. These minerals promote health, and are often difficult to consume with regularity if your diet is varied.

So how do I make it?

To make Sole solution, start with about a quart or more of purified water in a glass container that can be covered. The idea is to completely saturate the water with salt. A quick way to do this is to stir in some finely granulated Himalayan salt that will dissolve quickly. You’ll know it is completely saturated when no more salt will dissolve no matter how long you stir. Now add a few large chunks of Himalayan salt to the water. Keep the undissolved chunks in the container, and replenish the water as you use it. . The large chunks will gradually dissolve as you add fresh, unsaturated water to the container. Using this method will ensure you never run out of Himalayan Sole Solution. You never have to worry about the salt going bad because this solution is completely antimicrobial. Start taking about one tablespoon per day in 8 ounces of purified water every morning on an empty stomach. Remember, you’re still consuming salt, and too much can have a negative effect on your blood pressure. The idea here is to encourage balance.

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