Thinking Inside The Box With Our SaltScription

Since coming into our stores right now is a little tough, we’ve decided to bring our products to your front doorstep. Everyone loves getting packages in the mail, and enjoys sending packages to their loved ones. With that, we’re excited to announce our annual subscription box that will be delivered right to your doorstep each season. For once, we’re thinking inside the box. We call it... the SaltScription.

To keep things exciting, we’ve decided to leave the items arriving on your doorstep a surprise. However, we can tell you that our SaltScription box is filled with full-size, premium products from our spa line and our cooking line. The box has a mix of our favorite salts, soaps, scrubs, and shampoos including our Black Mud ShampooDead Sea SoapMango Body ButterBlack Truffle Sea SaltRelaxing Salt Scrub, and more, but that’s for us to know and you to find out in your next box!

Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, the SaltScription box is the perfect gift. Our products allow you to relax and rejuvenate your body and skin. It allows you to experience going to the spa in the comfort of your own home. We offer free shipping, and a SaltScription payment plan that’s right for your budget. You can choose from quarterly payments and be billed automatically 4 times and 12 weeks apart, bi-annually with two automatic billings 6 months apart, or an annual, one time payment of $179.

This box is a great gift idea to treat yourself or someone you love multiple times a year. If you’re interested in signing up for the SaltScription, check out Salt Cellar for more information or call 603-373-0064 for more details.

Our gourmet selection of finishing sea salts are unrefined, all-natural, and the perfect finishing touch to any meal.