Caving In – The Top 3 Benefits of Salt Cave Therapy

Also known as halotherapy, salt cave therapy has been around for nearly two centuries. Starting in the early 1800s, Polish and Eastern European salt miners were sent into natural salt caves to gather salt. As they were doing this, the heavy concentration of salt particles in the air got redistributed on their skin and into their lungs – which, it turned out, was good for them. Unlike other miners of the time, surrounded by dirty fossil fuels and breathing in harsh particulates like coal, salt miners seemed to thrive in and because of their working conditions. These salt miners often boasted bright, young looking skin and strong, resilient lungs. This phenomenon fascinated physicians to the point that they started to research the effects of salt on the human body more and more. Eventually, their studies indicated that salt could in fact have a positive influence on everything from skin health to organ function, and this information in turn eventually gave rise to the commercialization of salt caves, salt cave therapy, and the idea that salt could be harnessed in this new fasion as an alternative way to improve physical and mental wellness.

How Salt Caves Can Revitalize Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Today, halotherapy – or salt cave therapy – is based on the same basic principles discovered decades ago, but instead of relying on natural salt caves, the modern practice relies on man-made salt caves for spa treatment. Typically, these caves feature wall to wall salt bricks or salt tiles, they’re completely free-from humidity, and to increase the salt content in the room, additional Himalyan salt gets pumped into the environment at a controlled rate by a machine. Guests are invited to gently and naturally experience and inhale the salt particles on their skin and in their lungs, and often feel refreshed and rejuvenated after. Three specific benefits that salt cave visitors or halotherapy supporters might enjoy include:

1. Salt Cave Therapy Can Help Reduce Respiratory Discomfort

One of the reasons people swear by salt caves is because of the ability to help reduce respiratory discomfort including allergies, bronchitis, and asthma. Sitting in an allergen-free, controlled temperature, hypoallergenic environment, can help extract the salt particles from the walls and air and put them into your body. While the salt particles are strengthening your immune system, they're also killing harmful bacteria and germs. This process is known to be stress-reducing and very calming. Similar to aromatherapy, using scents such as eucalyptus, camphor, and mint can have similar relaxing effects to salt therapy. In some salt caves, scents can be added to give you an additional boost of relaxation.

2. Salt Cave Therapy Can Improve Skincare, Skin Health, and Skin Vitality

Remember that feeling you get after you’ve been on the beach all day soaking up the sun and all that salty air? The feeling after being in a salt cave is most comparable to up to two days lounging along the shore. You feel rejuvenated, energized, and as though your skin is glowing. There are multiple benefits to having salt on your skin, and having salt on your skin can even improve your skin quality. When your skin is dry, irritated, and dull, salt comes to the rescue. Salt caves can help restore your skin by cleaning your pores and balancing the oil production, which decreases the chance of having a breakout. Salt is also known to be an exfoliate that hydrates your skin, while softening it at the same time, giving you a glowing complexion similar to one you’d have if you were at the beach all day.

3. Salt Cave Therapy Can Relieve Anxiety and Tension

If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, a salt cave visit might be just what you need. As well as being a great place for your body and skin, salt caves are also good for your mind. These secluded salt rooms give you a break from technology, and allow you to relax in privacy. Similar to doing yoga or meditating, salt caves are extremely therapeutic. Due to salt being negatively charged, it is able to fuse with positive particles. This process of neutralization is able to cancel out the positively charged particles that might be in your body, the same particles that cause you to be stressed, tense, or anxious. Plus, what better way to recharge and improve your skin and body than laying in a dimly lit room full of Himalayan salt?
Like float therapy, salt caves and halotherapy treatments are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The practice helps rest and recharge the system, and it’s simple to enjoy and easy to experience. For the guest, no special clothing or procedures are required. Just head into the salt room, sit or stand however you’d like, and let the salt do the work. It’s a great way to beat the winter blues, relieve congestion, reduce respiratory discomfort, and restore skin vitality.

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