Welcome to Cellartalk!

Salt is a pretty basic thing in our lives that most of us don't think about too much.

We take it for granted that all salt is pretty much the same and plays a limited role in helping improve the taste of food or keeping ice off the pavement. So when Judit and I launched the Salt Cellar in Portsmouth last November (2011) we had a big job to do: educate our visitors about the fantastic possibilities of salt in all of its forms. To explore the many ways salt is used in other cultures and find new, fun uses for this fascinating mineral.

The purpose of this blog is to answer the many questions that people ask us in the Salt Cellar every day. We'll talk about Himalayan cooking blocks, international  finishing salts, flavor infused sea salts, recipes, pairings and health. We'll discuss the many uses of salt for the care of our skin and our airways. We'll also talk about the great places in the world that salt is celebrated, its storied history and fun facts.

We encourage you to join the discussion, ask your questions, question our answers and add your comments and corrections.

-Don & Judit

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