How to Make Espresso-Salted Irish Coffee

This St Patrick’s Day, forget the green beer. Our Espresso-Salted Irish Coffee is the perfect way to top off any celebration. The coffee is drunk by sipping it through the whipped cream. The espresso salt gives a perfect mix of crunch and contrast to the flavors and textures. We used regular coffee, but you could use decaf for a late-night treat.

Irish Coffee recipe:

  • 8 Oz. Hot Coffee
  • 1 Cube Brown Sugar
  • 1 Shot Irish Whiskey (We used Tullamore Dew)
  • 1 Splash Grand Marnier
  • Sprinkle of Salt Cellar Espresso Sea Salt
  • Whipped cream (if homemade do not add sugar)
To Make: Pour 8 oz. hot coffee into each mug Add a cube brown sugar and stir to dissolve Add one shot of Irish Whiskey Add a splash of Grand Marnier Carefully spoon whipped cream on top, be careful not to mix in with coffee Sprinkle with Salt Cellar Espresso Sea Salt


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