Quick and Easy Gourmet Lemon Ricotta Bucatini Recipe


If you're getting bored with regular spaghetti and red sauce, try this delicious Lemon Ricotta Bucatini recipe! This will be your next go-to pasta dish. This tasty, summer, no-cook-sauce pasta is so easy to put together and will treat your taste buds to a zesty lemon adventure. We recommend pairing this recipe with one of our favorite gourmet cooking salts, the Lemon Infused Sea Salt. We just can't get enough lemon! Truth be told, this gourmet recipe pairs well with any of our premium finishing salts


16oz package Bucatini (or Spaghetti)
15 oz Ricotta
1/2 cup olive oil 
1/2 cup fresh parmesan
Zest & juice of 1 lemon
Salt Cellar's Lemon Infused Sea Salt
Pinch of Sel Gris Gourmet Salt
Black Pepper
Pinch Red Pepper Flake
1/2 cup pasta water


1. Boil pasta according to directions, before straining save 1/2 cup of pasta water and set aside. 
2. Mix ricotta, olive oil. lemon zest & juice, salt, black pepper and red pepper flake in a bowl.
3. Strain pasta and toss in ricotta mixture, add pasta water and toss until all noodles are coated. Top with fresh basil and Salt Cellar Lemon Infused Sea Salt.


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