Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Mom’s deserve the world! Do something new this year and get your mom a heartfelt gift that shows her you appreciate everything she does for you. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift for your mom that’s equally as special as she is. Check out our list of top 6 gifts!

  1. Look no further for the best gift for your mom this year! We put together an exclusive bundle to show your mom how special she is! Our Mother’s Day bundle includes our popular Dead Sea Hand Cream, Black Mud Mask, your choice of a gourmet finishing salt, Salted Caramel Chocolates, and your choice of Dead Sea Soap. This bundle is priced at $49 ($64 value) and will be offered for the week of Mother’s Day only.

  2. Every mom dreams of a day reserved for self-care, independence, and minimal stress. Give your mom the gift of relaxation by Building Your Own Bath & Spa Bundle. This package includes your choice of our popular salt scrub scents: Lemongrass, Peach & Honey, Kiwi Mango, or Lavender. It also comes with your choice of body butter, including Kiwi, Lemon, Mango, or Vanilla. This bundle also includes your choice of bath soak and a bar of soap. You can’t go wrong with this bundle that will provide your mom with the whole self-care routine!

  3. If you’re looking to purchase a smaller bundle for your mom, give her the all-natural Lavender Lovers Bundle. This bundle comes with the essentials for your skin and your taste buds. Indulge in our Salted Caramel Chocolates and Lavender Finishing Salt as your skin rejuvenates from the Bath Salts and relaxing Salt Scrub. Lavender is commonly used in aromatherapy to help promote calmness, relaxation, and wellness - just what your mom needs! 

  4. All moms are unique - and that’s just one of the reasons why we love them! If you’re looking for a unique gift for your mom, check out our Himalayan Salt Lamps. Each lamp is a unique work of art and varies in color, shape, and size. This one-of-a-kind lamp will light up any room and is a great conversation starter. 

  5. Looking for something small? Pair our classic, and most popular, Dead Sea Hand Cream with a bouquet of flowers for your mom this year, or gift it by itself! This Dead Sea skin product is a customer favorite because of its ability to cure dry skin. It’s fast-absorbing, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and won’t leave your hands feeling greasy or oily. It’s the perfect combination. 

  6. If your mom isn’t interested in Hand Cream or Spa Products, give her something to treat her taste buds! One of our popular finishing salt trios is our Fruit Infused Sea Salt Set. This set is perfect for anyone who likes tart flavors. This gourmet salt set includes Lime Citrus, Ginger Root, and Lemon Infused Sea Salt! These Himalayan salts can be used on pasta, seafood, meat, salads, cocktails, and MORE! If you’re looking for a recipe to pair our Lime Citrus Sea Salt with, check out our blog post on Summer Recipes!

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Our gourmet selection of finishing sea salts are unrefined, all-natural, and the perfect finishing touch to any meal.