Easter Basket Ideas

You’re never too old to enjoy an Easter basket! Most people think Easter baskets are just for kids — but we’re here to tell you differently. You may have outgrown the Cadbury Creme Eggs and Peeps, but there are lots of fun bath, spa and culinary products from our shop that adults can enjoy in an Easter basket! Check out some of the Easter bunny’s favorites below, and don’t worry — we’ve got something for every bunny on your list, ready to ship right to your doorstep!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We just got intel from the Easter bunny, and his favorite culinary item is in our Sweet Tooth Salt Set. This Himalayan sea salt set will set your dishes apart from all others. With a jar of Espresso, Lemon, and Ginger Root, these salts are sure to satisfy that sweet tooth better than any Easter jelly beans or chocolate eggs! Add our gourmet salts to ice cream, cocktails, desserts, vegetables, and more. Each jar contains 1.5oz of salt. See our complete collection of Himalayan finishing salts here.

Festive Body Butter Medley

Are you looking for a festive and colorful gift? Take a look at our Mini Body Butter Medley to make your basket look fun and bright. This hydrating and rejuvenating set of body butters is better than any chocolate or Easter egg and will be enjoyed by anyone! This medley set includes 3 scents; lemon, vanilla, kiwi and mango. If you’re looking for a full size body butter, or one specific scent, check out our collection here

Dead Sea Soap

Who doesn’t love soap these days? Everyone loves a fresh and clean smelling soap that removes dirt and impurities to restore your skin's balance. Give the gift of smooth, hydrated and glowing skin with our Soap Sampler Set or one of our Dead Sea Soaps. Choose from a variety of scents to add the perfect touch to your adult Easter basket! 

A Heart For Someone You Love

Made of 100% Himalayan salt, our Salt Heart is a popular and thoughtful gift to give to someone you love, or to yourself! This Himalayan salt heart has multiple purposes. Use it as home or office decor, use it as a chemical-free deodorant, or use it for a water-free hand sanitizer. This beautiful and unique gift is sure to impress. 

Build Your Own Easter Basket Bundle

The Easter bunny wasn’t sure what to bring you this year, so he wants you to get creative and Build Your Own Bundle! Customize your own Easter basket and Salt Cellar bundle with your choice of salt scrub, body butter, bath soak, and your choice of soap (make sure you add your preference of soap in the notes section!). Say goodbye to chocolate and give the gift of complete relaxation and an at-home spa day to anyone that needs it. 

Rumor has it that the Easter bunny is a big fan of the Salt Cellar! Shop online or stop by one of our store locations in Portsmouth NH, Portland ME, and Newburyport MA to finish filling the perfect Easter basket for your family, friends, or loved ones. Happy Easter from the Salt Cellar team to you!

Our gourmet selection of finishing sea salts are unrefined, all-natural, and the perfect finishing touch to any meal.